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The Altex Group was founded in 2003 as a company providing large enterprises with wholesale supplies of electronic components. We started our activities in Zelenograd, one of the major scientific and industrial centers of the Soviet and Russian electronics and microelectronics.

Since 2000, a steady turnover of complete equipment allowed to provide inquiries of retail and small wholesale buyers. Even then storage nomenclature of partners’ warehouses had more than 200,000 part numbers.


We were among the first to actively explore the Internet and develop special services for consumers and industry participants. So the first of the projects was RadioMarket — messaging system for the purchase and sale of components.

In 2006, together with the Capital Plus company we have launched ChipFind.ru project. Almost every radio ham in Russia knows this name. We worked or 18 years and in that time we have collected a huge database of technical information of the world level at the pages of the project.

Authorized partner of Avnet Silica

Mini-Circuits Regular Partner
Valuables We value every customer, whether you are a large plant or you are a radio ham from small regional town — you valuable customer for us. These are not empty words, you can ascertain their veracity by visiting our online store where you can buy even one single item, the delivery of which, at times, does not make any profit for us.
Creativity We are fans of new ideas! We constantly identify and examine the best practices in the industry. Many events, affiliate programs, projects, and methods to work with clients that now you can see at a large number of our competitors were first designed and put into practice by us! Every day we spend a lot of time and efforts on the development of new projects.
Perfection Our company was established by perfectionists and workaholics. Yes, it is hard for us to work on the market with current canons "to save on everything", but we will not back down from our routine — all the details of our work should be designed and implemented irreproachably! We think through and automate every step of our work with clients to the maximum.
Integrity Our team is our wealth. We have only talented and hardworking people employed. There are partnership relations in our company, when each employee is equal in rights and freedoms, he can speak openly and add elements to the company development.

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